It is with great sadness that I have to report that Ken Ramage (second from the right), the founder and organiser of the festival that put the sleepy seaside town of Nairn on the jazz map,  died suddenly today. Our thoughts are with his partner Roslin, and their children Kenneth and Jennifer. A full appreciation will follow anon. If you have any stories to share about the Nairn Jazz Festival or its maverick founder, please email them to me or post them as comments. For me, Nairn will not be the same without the jazz which Ken brought to it. And some of the best musical memories I have are from the heyday of the festival ..


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11 responses to “Newsflash

  1. very sorry to hear about kens sudden death and all my sympathy goes out to his family and friends, my name is alain legrand from havana swing and ken promised to book us at his next jazz festival.


  2. So sorry to hear of Ken’s passing, he was a great man, I’ll miss him.

  3. George Duncan

    I can’t put into words how much I’ll miss Ken … He was a lovely man , my heart goes out to Ros, my pal Kenneth and of course Jennifer. Thanks for all your kindnessess over the years.. George.

  4. Really sad news but lots of great memories of super gigs in Nairn. I hope Ken’s contribution to jazz and Nairn are properly recognised. He’ll be an impossible act to follow.
    Jason Rose.

  5. Jane Munro

    How sad to hear of Ken’s sudden death. He and Ros were so very kind to us over the years and our annual trip to Nairn to the Jazz Festival being the absolute high-light of our summer. We were very privileged to hear so many wonderful jazz musicians and a seed was sown! My own son, John-Alick, now a budding jazz pianist whom Ken was keen to promote after letting him loose on an unsuspecting jazz audience last year. He took such a great interest in budding young musicians and we appreciated that very much too. He will be sadly missed.

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  7. Murray Fraser MacRae

    Its so sad to hear that Ken has died my thoughts are with his family and friends that respected him so mutch. People travelled from all over the world to come to Nairn to see The Ramage Jazz Festival in Nairn. It will not be the same without him.

  8. Gwen Lawrie

    Extremely sad news of the loss of such a gentle soul with a passion for jazz. Remembering Kenneth’s inspired early years beginning in the Golf View with Carol Kidd, Dave Newton Trio and chef Roselynne Masselin (the delicious combination of Jazz and Food) and Brodie Castle with Ralph Sutton, Scott Hamilton and the Brian Kellock Trio (and the boat full of vegetables). Then Ruby Braff, Kenny Davern and so many more ….. we know you are still listening to jazz and have perhaps found Grace. Our thoughts are also with Kirsty who began it all with you and has lost her companion.

  9. Kerstin Honer zu Bentrup

    I am so very sad to hear about Ken’s death. Roslin and Ken were incredibly helpful when my husband, Brian Ogilvie, fell ill while playing at the Nairn Jazz festival. He died shortly after my arrival in Scotland. Ros an Ken went out of their way to help me in any way and I could not have made it without them through this trying time. I will be forever grateful for their generosity and kindness. Ken will be missed greatly!

  10. James Macdonald

    R.I.P Ken. You gave us all so much pleasure through the Jazz Festival – some fabulous jazz sessions at terrific venues in the Nairn area over the years. Happy memories we will always treasure thanks to your efforts and dedication.

  11. Two more missing faces

    So well known both Les and Ken
    Much admired, these lovely men
    Les with cheery, beaming smile
    Ken’s softer, sweeter, reserved style

    For Ken fruit and veg were trade
    His money Les, in photos made
    Ken brought us jazz from far and wide
    Les focussed on his blushing brides

    A helpful word, a kindness done
    A cheeky joke, a bit of fun
    Brought our lives a little gladness
    Now instead a touch of sadness

    Both plucked from us in their prime
    Suddenly, it was their time
    To leave a pair of empty spaces
    Another two more missing faces

    ©2011 Tez Watson

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