Found in Translation

The New York-based singer-pianist Daryl Sherman is currently one-third of the way into a three-month residency in Japan – and she sent this share-worthy little anecdote to me this morning:
In my lengthy career this one beats all!   You can’t make this up.
It’s Christmas week at my sweet Tokyo gig, Tableaux Lounge in chic Daikanyama.
Waiter comes up with song request written on paper:
 First some Japanese words — then written below: “Buy me meat asean.”
Baffled by what the heck this might be, I approach an elegant Japanese lady seated close to piano.
 She takes a look and immediately utters (quite clearly)  “Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen”
“You can’t be serious!” I exclaim — and then she starts to sing it. I run back to piano and the whole room starts singing along. They even knew the “bela bela — wunderbar” part.
        (N.B. Oy, nary a bagel in sight around these parts..)
Then.. more unlikely serendipity –this lady turns out to be one of the most famous actresses in Japan, Ruriko Asaoka!
Clearly the highlight of my trip. So far ..

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