Edinburgh Jazz Festival 2017: Brian Kellock Meets the Ear Regulars

The concert I enjoyed most at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival was one I wasn’t reviewing for a newspaper – so, instead of taking notes, I took photos (just on my phone) of the first-ever encounter between top UK pianist Brian Kellock and two of the most regular members of the band that plays weekly at the Ear Inn in New York City – Jon-Erik Kellso (cornet) and Scott Robinson (clarinet & saxophone). They were joined by Dave Blenkhorn (guitar) and Roy Percy (bass). Scroll down beyond the slideshow for the set list …

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Brian Kellock (piano), Jon-Erik Kellso (cornet), Scott Robinson (clarinet, saxophone), David Blenkhorn (guitar) & Roy Percy (bass) at the Piccolo George Square on Monday July 17th, 2017


Tishimingo Blues

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plans

Some of These Days

I’m Puttin’ All My Eggs in One Basket

Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You

Lady Be Good

I Got a Right To Sing the Blues

Running’ Wild

Creole Love Call (encore)


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3 responses to “Edinburgh Jazz Festival 2017: Brian Kellock Meets the Ear Regulars

  1. I heard a version of the EarRegulars at the Ear Inn on a recent trip to New York, and it was a superb, intimate, informal gig. Danny Tobias was standing in for Jon-Eric, but he’s a thoroughly worthy alternative. The band moved with ease from Original Dixieland One-Step to My Ideal. I can well imagine (having heard him on CD with the similar Nova Scotia band) that Brian Kellock will have fit like a glove. And for any lover of mainstream/swing/modern dixieland, etc, visiting New York, I can personally recommend the Ear Inn in Greenwich village every Sunday evening.

  2. bob wilber

    Wow!!!!We have a long history with Jon Eric a superb musician-1st worked with us with Bechet Legacy in Silkeborg….A great human being too BTW…

    • Dear Bob,
      I’m writing a piece on the 1957 Eddie Condon tour of Britain and would very much like to talk to you, at your convenience. I live in Birmingham, so can easily get over to the Cotswolds. Please let me know if you’re agreeable to this in principle and then we can sort out the details.

      Best wishes

      Jim Denham (076517 941 264)

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