Glasgow Jazz Photos


Brian Lemon (piano), Spanky Davis (trumpet), Ricky Steele (bass), May 1990

Murray Smith (drums) & Warren Vache (cornet), June 1990

Alex Moore (guitar) & Scott Hamilton (tenor sax), August 1990

Scott Hamilton & Murray Smith, August 1990


Scott Hamilton & Murray Smith, August 1990


8 responses to “Glasgow Jazz Photos

  1. alex

    hello alison, l was wondering if you had any more photos of my father. Best wishes, alex moore

    • alisonkerr

      Hi Alex, Thanks for your message. I’m pretty sure I only have more photos from the same sessions – but I’ll certainly have a look. Best wishes, Alison

    • Anne Marie

      Alex was a great guy. We worked together in and Airdrie school on a Tuesday. He gave me a lift from the west end when you were in Roxburgh street. He educated me in good jazz. A few lunchtimes he had me play My funny valentine on flute and him on guitar. I moved job and lost touch. I often wondered how he was.

  2. Tom Myers

    Hello Alison, I have been trying to track down a drummer called (Harry) Murray Smith who played in my (rock) band “Jive Five” in Renfrew in the mid-50s. I do know that he went on to greater things in the jazz field, and I also believe that he is now deceased. I was just wondering if the Murray Smith that features in your Glasgow Jazz Photos was the same one that I knew back then. I can email a photo to you from that time if you like to send me your email address.
    (I later played for a while with John Stewarts “High Soiciety” band, with Lenny Herd, and I also had my own band “The Riverside Rhythm Kings” around the early 60’s, before I move down south, where I played for a few years with the Owen Bryce band. (Owen was one of the founders of the George Webb and his Dixielanders back in the 40s.)

    Best regards, Tom Myers

    • Anne Noble

      I am the cousin of Murray Smith and now live in New Zealand. Way back in the early sixties he had a band called the Back o’Town Syncopators and of course he played the drums. He latterly retired to Spain and died of a heart attack there about three years ago now. Would he be the same person? Please write back and let me know. If so, I will obtain more information for you.
      Kind Regards,
      Anne Noble Murray’s father was called Harry.

  3. brawgowfer

    Do any of your readers have a photo of Lex Kelly playing?

  4. Gordon Mackenzie

    Hi Alison,

    It was great to see these photos. My father, Iain Mackenzie, was the secretary of the Glasgow Society of Musicians, or the Club as he called it, for many years, and desperately tried to keep it from going under near the end. I was a student at Glasgow Uni, and sometimes used to pop in for gigs, and helped put on fund-raising concerts at the Mitchell Hall. Sadly I have only one photo of inside the club, and it’s not a very good one. I would very much appreciate it if you could send any more.

    I looked into trying to buy the building and get a music venue up and running there again, but I couldn’t make the business case stack up. I am currently serving in Afghanistan, and is is nice to think nostalgic thoughts about the club.

    All the best,

    Gordon Mackenzie

  5. Joe Temperley

    Hi Gordon, Joe Temperley here and I have nice memories of meeting your father at the club, my first professional job was in Glasgow many many years ago, so I went to the club a lot, lots of places in different towns suffered the Sam fate I guess that falls under the category of progress,not for Music sadly, all the best I hope you get home soon , Joe T,

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